I hope you know that I really appreciate all you did for me, it helps me everyday!

GM, Exeter

What people say

Peter Gimber O.B.E. former Manager of safe and sustainable travel for Devon County Council said:

“Traumas such as road collisions are usually regarded as events that 'won't happen to me'. For those of us unfortunate enough to be directly involved in a trauma, the work of the Road User Support Service and Team continue to provide professional, practical and caring support when time hasn't resolved the emotional upset. The Service also supports those who have been indirectly affected in a collision, including friends, family and witnesses to the trauma. Rosemary Pell and her team have been pioneers in helping resolve issues for hundreds of people in Devon and the South West. I wholeheartedly endorse the work of the RUSS team.”



"I would like to thank you again for the help you have given me. Your approach to counselling is highly professional, yet loving and thoughtful. The coping strategies you have taught me will sty with me for life. I am able to deal with problems and see things in a way that is positive and insightful. Thanks again for helping me to see my own strength and abilities."

M.Q. Ashburton

"Thanks Rosemary, you helped me get through the difficult times

and I very much appeciate that. M."


M.J. Holsworthy


"I'd just like to tell you what an absolute pleasure it's been to work with you. Having never had counselling before you've exceeded any expectations on how. or how much, I could gain from it'. You really do amazing work, I especially admire how well you manage the balance of professionalism and genuine compassion."

R.C. Exeter

Having endured a road traffic accident as a passenger I became very anxious and being in the confines of a car was no longer a pleasant experience. I had an initial appraisal with Rosemary Pell of the Road User Support Service (RUSS) and a course of further counselling sessions were underaken with a therapist on the RUSS Team. As a consequence, I have been able to overcome my anxiety and being a passenger has returned to being an enjoyable experience. Such a big thank you, it has meant so much.

S. M.Langport

I just wanted to express my most sincere thanks for all the help and support that was provided to my wife to enable her to overcome her anxiety following an accident. Being driven is now no longer a trail for her and she can now relax and enjoy the journey. What is more, she now has the confidence to learn to drive. I am sure this could not have been acheived without all the care and attention that my wife received from RUSS."

R.M. Bridgwater


"The recent award and inclusion into the Fellowship of the Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers presented Rosemary Pell and RUSS is a significant acknowledgment of the amazing and vital work undertaken by Rosemary ( and her team?). Rosemary has worked tirelessly in the pursuance of excellence allowing her to support and advise those of us involved in all aspects of collisions on our roads. Her unwavering dedication is the cornerstone to the recovery of many individuals seeking clarity and a path forward following some of life's most traumatic events."

R. J.


Following a serious motorcar accident, I was particularly anxious about my ability to drive - and this was restricting my life, but my driving instructor soon put me at my ease. I have found the lessons invaluable, not only for confidence building, but for updating knowledge in the changes in law. I know that if I hadn't found RUSS in the Yellow Pages, I would not have got back behind the wheel.

S.H. Exeter


'Thanks for your support, guidance and wise words over the past year. It's so good to have fully come to terms with my crash and to feel emotionally well again.

T.S. Exmouth

'Just wanted to say another big thank you for helping me overcome my driving anxieties. I've recently driven several longer journeys in comparable comfort, thanks to you

T. H. Exeter

'It is with thanks to RUSS for getting my life back on the road and for giving me the strength and encourgement to do it'.

M. Z. Exeter

"RUSS was recommended to me by my solicitor, following a head-on collision. I completed an initial assessment wih Rosemary Pell, I received combined counselling and driving instruction from Liz Mitchell. After the collision I suffered from panic attacks, loss of confidence and was petrified of traffic and getting into a car. Liz said that by the time she had finished with me I would be driving on the motorway. After finishing my course of counselling and as part of my driving experience I drove up to Taunton and Liz drove back. I 'll never forget the feeling of excitement when we arrived. I sent a text to my sons with "Love from Taunton''
I cannot recommend RUSS highly enough. It has changed my life completely'"
H. D. .